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Limb Shield


At Gearhead Archery, we are always striving to make the strongest most durable bows ever produced. Gearhead Archery wants you to have the toughest bow possible; the bow limbs are one of the most fragile part of any bow, Limb Shields are the solution. Limb Shields are the ultimate defense for your bow limbs, protecting them from the environment, while in the field or traveling with your Gearhead bow. Limb Shields are a Patent Pending two step process that first coats the limbs with a layer of durable coating and then a second layer the "Limb Shield" sleeves are slid over the limbs and baked on. The Limb Shield is a thin layer of extremely durable and flexible material that significantly reduces limb damage and produces a bow that is stealthy in the field. Limb shields not only protect your limbs but also notably reduce sound and vibration when shooting our bows. The Limbs Shields also resolve the unspoken nuisance of limb creak, by covering the limb pivot points with Limb Shields, limb creak is eliminated, keeping your bow whisper quiet during the draw cycle in any weather. 

Limb Shields come standard on all Gearhead Archery bows except the M30 Mongo with laminated limbs. 

Limb Shields have a grid diamond pattern and come standard matte black finish.

Limb Shield

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