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$ 899.00

Maneuverability - The B20 and B24 were developed for the hunt. The size of these bows makes them the ultimate hunting machine. From backpack hunts and stalking to ground blinds and tree stands, this is the bow that gets it done. The Standard Slider grip comes with the B20 and B24 along with a black hard coat anodize, a ST-2 stabilizer mount and sound dampening. Custom Dipping and Gearhead Packs are an additional cost.

  • IBO Speed: 350fps
  • 24.50" axle to axle
  • 4.25lbs weight**, 95 ft-lb kinetic energy
  • Draw weights available: 50/60/70
  • Draw range: 25.50" to 32.00"
  • Brace height range: 5.00" to 6.75"

* All specs approximate ** Weight shown without accessories