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M30 Carbon Fiber Compound Bow
M30 Carbon Fiber Compound Bow
M30 Carbon Fiber Compound Bow

M30 Carbon Fiber Compound Bow

$ 1,999.00

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The M30 Mongo is Gearhead Archery rethinking tradition at its best. The M30 Mongo is a modern interpretation of an ancient Mongolian bow. The Mongolian bows were one of the first bows to use laminated limbs and were renowned for their performance in hunting and warfare. The Mongolian bows have a unique curved laminated limb that is unmistakable from a distance and the Gearhead Archery engineers designed a dual recurved laminated limb and upgraded the bow with compound features, paying respect to this historical bow. As with all Gearhead Archery bows the M30 riser is everything, the dual riser plate design is super strong and accurate. The M30 Mongo comes in either our super light and warm to the touch carbon fiber @ 3.1lb or a fully machined billet aluminum version @ 3.8lb and both are designed to last a lifetime. Gearhead Archery designed the ultimate modern Mongolian bow, with the profile of an ancient Mongolian bow, but with the modern performance of a compound bow, the M30 is born.



• 30.5" axle to axle
• 3.1 lb weight**, 84 ft-lb kinetic energy
• Draw weights available: 50, 60, 70 lbs
• Brace height: 6.0 inches
• Limbs: Barnsdale Dual Recurve Limb Laminated.

• Right to left handed conversion in minutes without bow press
• Dual plate quasi-isotropic fiber sheet with twenty six layers of cross pattern weave shoot thru riser
• Draw lengths available: 26",27",28",29",30"
• Interchangeable grips: Standard/Slider/Carbon/Flatback
• Stabilizer Mounts: Front 3 position standard
• Two track cam system licensed under US patent 7,997,259
• Bow manufactured under US patent 9,140,513
• Additional patents pending 


IBO: 340 fps

* All specs approximate ** Weight shown without accessories


Pick a Grip

Pick A grip

New for 2017.

At Gearhead Archery, we produce the most modular bow hunting system on the market. Gearhead Archery products are a family of bows with common interchangeable parts. The Gearhead Archery Pick a Grip allows the customer to choose or customize the grip for your Gearhead Archery bow. All the bows in the Gearhead Archery family can use any of our 5 grip options. We currently have the standard grip, flat back grip, carbon fiber grip, slider standard , and a slider flat back grip. Each of our grips options will appeal to different customers and each one has a unique benefit.