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$ 25.00

Designed to be used with Gearhead Archery’s lineup of high performance bows. Anodized aluminum and black oxide stainless steel fasteners. Standard 5/16-24 threads to accept any archery accessories. This stabilizer adapter gives you maximum adjustability. It rotates 360 degrees and 180 degrees up and down. Put the weight where you want it for a perfectly balanced bow.

Steps to install the ST-1 to your Gearhead

  1. Remove the bottom limb cap and O-ring from your bow. No, the limbs are not going to fly off…
  2. Remove the two side bolt of the swivel from the base to separate the two.
  3. Place the O-ring that was on the bottom of the limb cap onto the bottom of the ST-1 base.
  4. Attach the ST-1 base to the bow where you removed the limb cap from. A longer flathead screw has been provided. Do not over tighten the O-ring, finger tight is good!
  5. Reattach the swivel to the swivel base.
  6. Adjust swivel to your desired location and tighten.