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X16 Target
X16 Target
X16 Target

X16 Target

$ 1,699.00

The X16 Target was inspired by the competitive nature of the ASA crossbow class. Gearhead Archery’s design team went to work as they modified the current X16 to accept a Trigger Tech trigger box and a tunable arrow rest. But, they didn’t stop there. The team made it possible to attach any AR style grip and butt stock to the X16 platform. The X16 Target still shoots a nocked arrow, it’s easy to cock, lightweight and perfectly balanced. The Trigger Tech trigger box in this platform, has a trigger pull of 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Couple that with an arrow rest that can be paper tuned, and this crossbow is ready for the podium!

  • Draw weights (lbs): 75/90/125
  • Power Length (in): 16" Power Stroke
  • 18.50"/14.75" axle to axle
  • Trigger Pull (lb) 2.10
  • Aluminum Weight (lbs): 6.25**
  • Speed Up To (fps): 350 @ 125lbs with a 325 grain
  • 90 ft-lb Kinetic Energy

* All specs approximate ** Weight shown without accessories