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X16 Target Aluminum Crossbow
X16 Target Aluminum Crossbow
X16 Target Aluminum Crossbow

X16 Target Aluminum Crossbow

$ 2,099.00

The X16 Target is new to the Gearhead lineup in 2018! Inspired by the competitive nature of the ASA shoots, the Gearhead Archery’s design team went to work. They modified their current X16 to accept a Trigger Tech trigger box and a Firenock Aerorest. But they didn’t stop there, the team made it possible to attach any AR style grip and butt stock to the X16 platform. The X16 Target still shoots a nocked arrow, it’s easy to cock, lightweight and perfectly balanced. The Trigger Tech trigger box in this platform, has a trigger pull of 2.1 pounds. Couple that with the Firenock Aerorest, a frictionless arrow support and this crossbow is ready for the podium!

 *Scope not included.

Rethinking Tradition Innovations: 

1) Patent Pending IFU or index feather up technology alleviates power cable wear by flipping the arrow index feather up and drastically reducing the vanes clearance needed increasing speed and accuracy. Traditionally all other crossbows place index feather down with a rear arrow hold down, requiring the power cables to be pulled down significantly creating cable wear, cam lean, diminished accuracy, and reduced performance. 

2) Patent Pending PSP parallel stock plate technology, the stock on the X16 is 90% air and the rest is carbon fiber plates spaced apart and tapered at the attachment point of the bow to create an extremely accurate and lightweight stock platform. The stock and riser have integrated vibration sound suppression free floating between and within the stock making the X16 the quietest crossbow ever. 

3) The accuracy of the X16 is unmatched by using a standard nocked arrow that is simultaneously guided with a forward whisker biscuit and an arrow barrel guide the X16 delivers rifle like performance. 

4) The X16 has the same power stroke as our T18 series bows and shoots standard arrows with available poundage's of 75, 90 and 125 pound. At 125lbs the X16 delivers arrows at speeds of 350 fps. 

5) The X16 does not require a foot stirrup to cock or a rope cocker and simply put is a joy to shoot. This crossbow can be cocked in a tree stand, blind, or sitting down with ease. A rope cocker slot and foot stirrup are provided and cocking the X16 is effortless enough for most anyone to cock. 

6) The X16 uses a fully machined billet trigger with dual sealed bearing for precise movement and an adjustable creep and pull. 

7) The X16 is a fully machined crossbow with wood inlay grips and built like a finely crafted rifle. 



• Overall Length: 35" ATA cocked/uncocked: 14.75"/18.5" 
• Power stroke: 16"
• Weight Carbon: 5.0 lb without accessories 
• Weight Aluminum: 6.0 lb without accessories
• Accessories: Rail and Sling Mounts
• Speeds: Up to 350 fps at 125lbs
• Trigger Latch: Anti-drive fire and bearing trigger 
• Trigger Pull: 2.1 lb
• Pound Pull: 75,90 and 125lb
• Dampening: Sound dampening riser and stock
• Black oxide coated stainless steel hardware
• Two track cam system licensed under US patent 7,997,259
• Additional patents pending 


* All specs approximate ** Weight shown without accessories