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x16 hunting bow at gearhead archery

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x16 hunting bow at gearhead archery

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x16 hunting bow at gearhead archery




x16 hunting bow at gearhead archery


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Gearhead P30 Hunting Bow


The new bow is called the Gearhead P30. The P stands for Pivot. The Gearhead designers implemented a rotational limb support system into their shoot thru riser design. The thought was to take stress off the limbs throughout the draw cycle. The benefits from this rotational limb support were more than expected. The bow became faster and the draw cycle smoother. The sound at the shot became quieter and the hand shock, well…….  what hand shock. Gearhead Archery knew they hit a home run in design, accuracy, and function with the P30. The size of this bow makes it perfect for Target, 3D, and Hunting.

Pivot to a better shooting experience.  Pivot to the future in bow design. Pivot to the new P30 by Gearhead Archery… forward-thinking archery technologies!

Product Description

The new P30 by Gearhead Archery is another step forward in what is possible with better designs in archery technology. The P30 like the other Gearhead models converts right to left hand or vice versa. The P30 comes with a standard hunting grip and can be upgraded to a slider grip from the Pick a Grip system. The versatility of the Gearhead riser is unmatched, from a 5-position stabilizer bracket to the ability to mount an action camera between the risers. Gearhead Archery designs value into their bows. Any accessories can be used within the Gearhead platform. Pivot to a better shooting experience, Pivot to the future in bow design, Pivot to the new P30 by Gearhead Archery… forward thinking archery technologies!

The P30 has an axle to axle of 30.625”, a standard brace height of 6.25” and an adjustable brace height of 5.00” – 6.75” with an optional slider grip in three grip geometries. The draw length is adjustable with a rotational module cam that changes the draw length in ½” increments over a 4-inch range and multiple string posts that changes the feel of the draw cycle. The draw length of the P30 is 26.25”-31.375” and 25.00”-31.875” with the slider grip. The let off is adjustable up to 90% through use of a string stop, and a limb stop. You choose your holding weight.

Additional Specifications

  • 4.8 lbs. mass weight
  • IBO Speed 337 FPS
  • Up to 90% Let Off, Adjustable

* All specs approximate ** Weight shown without accessories


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 16 × 5 in