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Congratulation to John Wheeler of Beckley, West Virginia on winning the NFAA Bowhunter Freestyle Indoor National Championship in Cincinnati on March 17th, 2019. John was shooting his Gearhead B40 and posted scores of 300 – 59X and 300 – 59X for a 600 – 118X for the Title. This is the second year in a row John Wheeler has won the Bowhunter Freestyle Indoor Nationals shooting a Gearhead.

Eric Rapp; Gearhead President and CEO was ecstatic with this win, Rapp said, “Last month, Gearhead swept the podium of the NFAA Bowhunter Freestyle in Las Vegas and now Wheeler repeats as the Bowhunter Freestyle Indoor National Champion, it is quite the accomplishment!” Winning at this level of competition is proof positive of our technology”

Gearhead Archery looks forward to competing more on the largest stages of competition. Gearhead Archery is known to produce the Ultimate Hunting Bow. With the addition of the slider grip, Gearhead now has the Ultimate Shooting System with Target Bow accuracy!

“Gearhead Archery enjoyed back to back wins in the Bowhunter class in Vegas and now back to back wins at Indoor Nationals in the same class. As a bowhunter and building bows for the bowhunter, this is a big statement for us. If fact, winning Vegas with a 24-inch axle to axle bow, when most people tell you short bows can’t be accurate, was huge! Coming to market with such new and different designs has its share of challenges but delivering a product that gets results is so rewarding” said Skip Peterson of Gearhead Archery.

Gearhead’s bridge style, shoot-though riser is the foundation of this sweet shooting bow. Built to withstand incredible loads without deviation, the Gearhead Archery boss-and-pocket design provides the most stable riser platform on the market. Throw in a smooth draw cycle, a solid back wall and dead in the hand accuracy and it is easy to see why they are gaining in popularity.