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The Disrupter

Gearhead Archery’s vision became crystal clear in 2020 with the creation of the Disrupter. The Disrupter is the perfect blend of the best features from the B Series, the amazing draw cycle of the T Series and a price point that is easy on the wallet.

Gearhead Archery incorporated the badass look of the B Series shoot through riser design, which is a pillar of strength and rigidity. The Disrupter then added the Zero Gap limb pocket to obtain a 15-pound draw weight adjustment. Draw length specific cams deliver a super smooth draw cycle and limb stops provide adjustable let-off with a solid back wall. These three elements; strength, power and control make the Disrupter destined for greatness.

The Disrupter also gives options to enable customers to build their dream bow. Choose your grip from the “Pick a Grip” system. The slider grips allows micro tuning of the draw length, brace height and hand torque. Gearhead Archery offers an array of colors and dipping options that make the Disrupter uniquely yours.

The Disrupter is more than a cool name for a bow. It is a feeling, an attitude and a purpose. We started this journey as a bow manufacturer in 2015. We have been the weird looking bow at the end of the bow rack that everyone wants to try and loves how it shoots. The Disrupter’s features and price point put the advantage in your favor. We have proven ourselves on the big tournaments’ stages and extreme hunting conditions. We build the highest quality, best performing, designed function bows on the planet and we are just getting started.

Gearhead Archery is excited to offer such a great shooting bow at an amazing value. Drastically altering the status quo. Gearhead Archery, be a Disrupter!