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Wheeler takes first place with new Prototype Gearhead



Below find a Q & A session from one of Gearhead’s top Pro Staffers, John Wheeler, after winning the Bowhunter Freestyle division at the Rushmore Rumble!


Gearhead:       What was your score for day one and day two?

Wheeler:         597-50X and 295-22X.


Gearhead:       What did you think about shooting the new five spot Vegas face?

Wheeler:         Being the first big shoot after covid was like starting all over! The nerves definitely came into play after not being in a pressure situation for so long. A mental battle for sure!


Gearhead:       What is the new prototype bow you were shooting?

Wheeler:         The new prototype has become my go to target bow. It’s smooth, forgiving and accurate. The forgiveness in a tournament pressure situation really helps cover some of my small mistakes.


Gearhead:       What is your bow draw weight, draw length, holding weight?

Wheeler:         My bow setup is pretty average. 29″ draw, 60 pounds and holding about 12 pounds.


Gearhead:       Why do you choose Gearhead?

Wheeler:         When I first saw a gearhead bow, I was skeptical. Now that I’ve shot them for a few years, I can tell you that the Gearhead is an engineering marvel. The people at Gearhead archery are like family. They go out of their way to help their customers and continue to develop the best products possible. A solid company that really promotes archery and bowhunting.


Gearhead:       What other shoots are you planning to attend this year?

Wheeler:         As usual, I plan to attend all of the ASA tournaments, A good portion of the IBO tournaments, and the majority of the NFAA tournaments such as the indoor and outdoor national championships.