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T-Series Hunting Bow

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The T Series bows put Gearhead Archery on the map. The Gearhead designers merged a military look and feel into a bow that is a bowhunters dream. These are the bows we want to hunt with. They are compact, lightweight, versatile and fit in a pack. They are accurate, forgiving with shootability and built like a tank. They are smooth to draw and dead in the hand.

These bows are non-adjustable compound bows. They are built to the customer’s draw weight and draw length specifications. They convert from right to left hand and have adjustable let-off. There are 6 different axle to axle lengths to the T Series line up.

The T series bows are available in set draw weights of 40, 50, 60 or 70 pounds. They are not adjustable, as we build each one to your specifications. The draw lengths are also non-adjustable, they are cam specific. To determine draw length, measure wing span tip to tip and divide by 2 ½.

With the success of the new B Series, which allows the dealers so much versatility to fit anyone, selling the T Series online as a custom-built, non-adjustable bow is a good fit. We are also able to change the price of the T Series by improving our manufacturing processes, along with better volume purchasing of materials and assembly efficiencies. The cost savings created are reflected in a lower price.

The T-series bows have features that are built into the design. They have multiple locations to mount stabilizers or accessories. The riser has extra tapped locations to mount picatinny rails. An action camera can even be mounted between the twin riser plates. We have designed value into our bows. Anything that can be put on any other bow, can be installed on a Gearhead. Built with pride in the USA!