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x16 hunting bow at gearhead archery

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x16 hunting bow at gearhead archery

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x16 hunting bow at gearhead archery

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x16 hunting bow at gearhead archery


x16 hunting bow at gearhead archery

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X16 Series

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The Xbow Series

The Gearhead Archery design team pulled out all the stops as they entered the crossbow market. Some of the biggest complaints about crossbows are the weight, size, difficulty cocking, noise, vibration, and how quickly the strings and cables burn out. We started from scratch to engineer the ultimate crossbow to address these issues. Gearhead Archery has applied for multiple patents in developing this futuristic design. We believe when the X16 Crossbow Series is seen and held, people will understand what we mean when we say Gearhead Archery is rethinking tradition. It’s truly a work of art!

X16 Target

The X16 Target was inspired by the competitive nature of the ASA crossbow class. The Gearhead Archery’s design team went to work as they modified their current X16 to accept a Trigger Tech trigger box and a tunable arrow rest. But, they didn’t stop there, the team made it possible to attach any AR-style grip and buttstock to the X16 platform. The X16 Target still shoots a nocked arrow, it’s easy to cock, lightweight, and perfectly balanced. The Trigger Tech trigger box in this platform has a trigger pull of 2 pounds. Couple that with an arrow rest that can be paper tuned and this crossbow is ready for the podium!

X16 Tactical

The X16 Tactical is yet another new design from Gearhead Archery! The Gearhead team stepped it up, yet again. This crossbow is packable and is of a takedown design. The X16 Tactical has a precision dovetail joint with a robust clamping mechanism. This allows the X16 Tactical to be assembled in the field without sacrificing accuracy. Just slide the two halves together to the alignment stop and tighten the cam clamp into place. The footprint and specs of this crossbow are the same as the X16. It is built with a Trigger Tech trigger box and an arrow rest that can be paper tuned. The X16 Tactical crossbow is the first of its kind. It is superior in accuracy, breaks down and fits in a pack, all in just a few minutes. No more challenging transportation of your crossbow. Gearhead Archery makes it easy with the X16 Tactical !