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While Halloween can be a great time to hunt, you need to have a bow that is all in one piece to do so, but unfortunately for TJ Fitzgerald that wasn’t the case.

“It was Halloween to be exact,” he said. “I had a bit of a mishap with the first bow I’d ever purchased a new, a Bowtech Carbon Icon.”

Fitzgerald reached out to customer service and realized the company wasn’t planning to help fix the issue.

“I then spent the next month tracking down a new bow (being lefty it’s difficult),” he said. “I finally pulled the trigger on a Matthews No Cam from 2016 and spent two weeks finding mods for my draw length.”

Fitzgerald wasn’t convinced he liked the size of his new, used bow, but an old buddy from high school and former bow technician at a local shop, reached out.

“Wyatt Michaud showed me a video he was working on for Gearhead,” Fitzgerald said. “I saw them for years at the local shop but never looked into it. Any Gearhead can be left or right handed so that was not a problem. I traded in my No Cam for the aluminum T24 I started with and loved every second of it. Any questions I had were quickly answered by other shooters or Skip himself, of Gearhead.

It was now late December and towards the end of my hunting season with no luck and coming up on the time that Gearhead offered Field Staff positions.

“I applied for a Field Staff position which brings us to today,” he said. “I now own a carbon 24 and my original 24 and have zero complaints with my choices. I’m looking forward to actually being able to get out in spring and hunt spring turkey for the first time ever and make the push into fall deer season.”