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Hawaiian “Gearheads” pound three good ones!

Hawaiian Gearheader Kamakea Kaahanui was excited to head out hunting on a chilly morning but wanted to take a few practice shots before engaging live targets. “We did one last check on our bows before setting out into the hills,” he said. “I shoot a T20 and my cousin shoots a B24……both were on-target and […]

Last minute hunt pays off! Compact Gearhead bow gets the assist…..

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Chris Louszko Jr had just gained access to a piece of private hunting land not far from his house and decided to sneak in one afternoon for a quick sit. “I decided at the last minute to try an afternoon hunt,” he said. “I hadn’t really had time to scout it or set anything up […]

John Wheeler wins the Rushmore Rumble in Bowhunter Freestyle

Wheeler takes first place with new Prototype Gearhead     Below find a Q & A session from one of Gearhead’s top Pro Staffers, John Wheeler, after winning the Bowhunter Freestyle division at the Rushmore Rumble!   Gearhead:       What was your score for day one and day two? Wheeler:         597-50X and 295-22X.   Gearhead:       What […]

World Record Black Bear shot with a Gearhead T18

Congratulation to Jeff Melillo of New Jersey on the confirmation of his 2019 Black Bear as the new World Record for the species. Jeff’s bear was harvested in New Jersey on October 14th, 2019. His bear tipped the scale at 700 pounds, but it is size of the skull that place him on top of […]